In which Magnus goes in search of a library card...

Part 1
Part 2

Magnus returns to the Library of Akor to make another attempt at gaining access to the restricted stacks. Taking an absolutely revolutionary tack, he just walks up to the doors and knocks. The door guard tells him that the only way to achieve full library privileges is to be a scholar at the Collegium, a Patronus of the library, or by special order of the Autocrat herself.

Since nobody gets in to see the Autocrat – not no way, not no how – he decides to go explore the path of higher learning.

At the Collegium, he chats with a street preacher and eventually makes his way to the Master of Andropolitan Military History, where he presents a sample of the texts he helped recover from the ruins of Andropolis and petitions for access to the restricted stacks. Master Nominus accepts the donation and promises to have an answer from the Master’s Conclave in a week or two.



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