In which the plot thickens...


Having tentatively secured the alliance of the rescued Blue Rose prisoner, the gang begins to gather intelligence for their next move. Magnus and Vargas travel to the elven city of Sil where they hope to make further connections with anti-Kervic forces while Milfel reunites with his conclave and puts forth the team’s offer. They make some headway towards securing more allies, but no word has come back from the Roses.

Acadia, Ibram, and Serri remain at the excavation, spying and shopping their connections, while Brrk is dispatched to watch the treasure recovery operations so they can compare actual results to whatever story Faisal has been telling the rest of the alliance. The goblin confirms the team’s suspicions that the Kervics were severely under-representing their haul to the other kingdoms (and, thus, the value of their percentage), providing yet another crack in which we might wedge the lever of dissent.

In further effort to discover what Faisal knows/suspects and how, exactly, he’s communicating with his superiors now that the second camp was wiped out, Serri dispatches Acadia to sneak into the aristocrats’ tent. Disguised as a harmless field mouse, she observes him engaged in a long-distance bowl-call with a party he refers to as “Brother”. Faisal is highly on edge: he believes (quite rightly) that the party is working against him and is deathly afraid of what the Kings might do if they decide to really put some effort into it. Though to his great frustration he can’t prove anything and, consequently, his opposite number doesn’t really seem to get how much danger they are in. Faisal suggest they just return Miriam to the Kings and nearly dies of a panic attack when his brother informs him that Miriam has died. The other party reassures him that their priests can bring her back and requests the delivery of certain items. Faisal retrieves a ring gate from his belongings and passes them through before sweeping the speaking bowl off of the table in frustration.

Acadia scurries back to the team and reports the dire news. Serri manages to keep Ibram in check and alerts Vargas to the situation as soon as possible. The wizard and cleric ‘port back in a trice and the Kings hold a group meeting to decide their next course of action. Rather than unleashing hell, they choose to use the knowledge they’ve gathered to try and pressure Faisal to tell them where Miriam is so that they might retrieve her themselves.

And the Hunt truly begins.



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