In which we reach the tipping point...

Log 1
Log 2
Log 3
Log 4

Following a discussion with Vargas about the nature of the demons – and specifically Caleb – the priest retires to his tent to commune with Pharasma. In his folly, his mentions the fiend by name, drawing its attention. What follows is a cluster-fuck of epic proportions as the spirit talks Magnus into forsaking his vows and granting it another conduit into the world. Newly-empowered, the subverted priest returns to the party’s tent and off-handedly smashes Ibram’s head in with his mace.

The rest of the party reacts with alacrity and remarkable restraint. Instead of killing the mad half-orc, they merely bind him until they can decide what to do with him. With their hand pressed, they bundle their friend’s corpse up and prepare to take him and Magnus back to Akor while Serri and Acadia step up the abduction of Faisal Kervic.

By hook, crook, and multiple teleports, the Kings get away with Faisal, an obscene heap of treasure, and more determined than ever to recover their lost friends and wreak their vengeance on those who would take them away.



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