Serribon il-Revastin

A driven half-human elf warrior looking to earn his place in a world that probably couldn't care less.


He is a young male half-elf of middling size in excellent physical condition. The
angular features of his elven ancestry, coupled with whatever genes he inherited from
his father’s line, have expressed themselves as a naturally worn, haunted countenance
with prominent nose and cheekbones, thin lips, and sunken, shadowed eyes of a pale amber. His head and jawline are clean-shaven, though his stubble and eyebrows indicate dark brown or black hair. His skin is a rich nut-brown with a slightly golden cast.

Outside of combat, Serribon tends to come across as distant and rather analytical, speaking an overly-formal, accented Andropolitan with a decidedly flat affect. He often brings this same seemingly cool professionalism to battle, though in particularly high-stress situations the facade cracks and Serri shows himself capable of great violence and almost casual cruelty.

Due to the nature of his occupation and the campaign, his companions rarely ever see him in anything but full battle-dress: presently an expensive suit of exotic leather armor fashioned from the hide of a very large reticulated caiman, covered with dozens of scalloped, razor-like blades and defensive spikes. Following the party’s acquisition of a large chunk of raw mithril, he has had all of these fittings replaced and the armor itself upgraded with brigandine-style reinforcements. Though reasonably competent with most weapons, his primary armaments are the dragonbone halberd PowerViolence and the celestial greatsword OBELISONG.


As a half-elf born of an unsanctioned pairing, Serribon has no official status within his line, or the Anjaj culture at large. Such beings, usually euphemistically referred to as “guests” or “visitors”, are considered non-entities – to be physically cared for to the best of the originating family’s ability but never aknowledged as relatives or deserving of more than cool courtesy and condescending charity. Most “guests” either eventually give in to the immense social pressure and leave Anjaj forever, or choose to live largely as parasites on the largesse of their families, with those from lesser lines occasionally engaging in inessential jobs that require no social standing or connections.

Serribon has, instead, chosen to leave Sarai Muziris and set out on his Trial: the life-quest central to Anjaj elven culture and the only way for a guest (or any outsider) to ever gain anything like official standing within the elven nation. The overarching goal is to acquit oneself by your ancestors and future descendants through the achievement of self-actualization and promotion of positive change in the greater world. In this, the Defendant bears the burden of both validating the Trials of his ancestors as worthy efforts and proving the fitness of the family line to continue into the future, even if he, personally, isn’t responsible for it.

Heroic Destiny:

To grow beyond his resentment (and whatever personal horrors the GM has in mind for him) and experience the epiphany that will lead him to be a true force for good in the world, rather than just doing it by the numbers.

To this end Serri finds himself faced with two potential paths to glory: One, is as an fey-hunter for the Church of St. Cuthbert (and, ultimately, the empire of Andropolis itself); the other, is as one of a band of adventurers from various eras being flung willy-nilly across the whole of the world’s history for reasons and causes unknown.

Following his harrowing liberation from the demon who had been overshadowing his life for the last year, Serribon has set out upon a third path: to track down and destroy those spirits of the outer darkness that seek to oppress and consume the lives of mortals – with the ultimate goal of obliterating the pit-fiend calling himself Caleb.

Serribon il-Revastin

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