Hisham d'Galla Sarisa

"If I'm going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice" -The Joker


A tan, bronzed half-orc with chiseled facial features and short, jet-black hair. He has a tall, sleek frame that emphasizes swiftness over musculature, with a walking gait evocative of feline prowling.


Hisham originates from the Hal’Rasha Principalities, a land of savanna and arid desert. The illegitimate son of a military nobleman, Hisham served as a captain of the Galla Sentinels, regional trackers and bandit-hunters who worked to protect vital trade caravans from desert highwaymen. Hisham’s devotion and obligations to his family have forced him to commit incriminating actions against the crown, rendering him a fugitive working to purchase passage out of the country.

Hisham d'Galla Sarisa

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