The demon who made Serribon's life a living hell


A diabolical spirit of unknown rank and order. Available evidence would suggest that, whatever it is, the creature is fairly powerful – though limited in its ability to directly affect the material world.


Through the conduit of the Hunter’s Rod, the creature calling itself Caleb was able to possess Serribon and gain increasing control over his life for nearly two years.

Its initial manifestations were mostly restricted to disembodied voices and awful smells, though it occasionally gained enough energy to manipulate objects or physically attack Serribon in his sleep. As time progressed, its power grew as Serri’s spirit weakened, allowing the demon generate powerful hypnogogic illusions, inflict more grievous wounds and even, albeit rarely, strike out at others – often through the medium of the possessed half-elf.

It was eventually exorcised through the combined efforts of Vargas, Miriam, Ibram and a priest of Gott named Benedict. Like all cast-out devils, it proved to be a very sore loser and has vowed all sorts of horrible revenge.


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