John Malachi Argeat Moriakul

Paladin, sometimes multiclassed and occasionally female (under the name Miriam). A lover and a killer.


Malachi is invariably a human male of average height and strong but compact build. His eyes vary in color from setting to setting but his hair is always dark and closely cropped (sometimes spiked). His favored armaments are the sword and shield of the classic Knight Templar. He wears armor appropriate to his situation, up to and including a suit of spiny full-plate armor when intimidating conscripts is in order. In non-combat environments, he may forsake his shield (often leaving it with his other gear and his horse) but tends to keep his sword, even with formal dress. On formal occasions, he favors conservative attire of high quality, with a flavor reminiscent of real world Persia, including a wrapped headdress (turban) when a solid cover or helmet is not required. In more fanciful campaigns, Malachi may boast feathered wings, white interspersed with black (via the Half-Celestial template), but this player is not partial to the philosophy of “bottled drama,” whereby players use overt physical features such as wings, tails, horns or claws to make their characters more cool, angsty, or what have you, and therefore he tends to stick to more versatile base character races, especially at char-gen, which leave him more room for subtlety.

Attribute-wise, this character always favors Charisma and Wisdom, followed by Strength and Intelligence. He is almost always a monotheist where allowed and otherwise is more “good-aligned” than “god-aligned,” and is always an apologist for the belief system he champions. (“Apologist” does not mean he apologizes for his beliefs.)

He tends to be a lone-wolf character, but not at all anti-social. Rather, his design both statistical and aesthetic makes him ideal for diplomatic encounters and situations where relative strangers must be inspired to act in some way.

Malachi is not a conflicted, morally challenged, or otherwise typical paladin, with respect to alignment and code of conduct. He is a Knight Templar, a defender of the faithful against all threats, humble but supremely confident in his theological position, and a ready killer.

In smaller groups, Malachi is usually a full Paladin or combines Paladin with a single melee-oriented class, either Monk or Fighter. In larger groups where primary party roles are already filled, a more complex rogue/monk/paladin build is sometimes used to create a very versatile gap-filler with strong saves and Leadership potential.

JM on horseback.

As a female, Miriam has the above characteristics with the following changes: she tends to focus more on dexterity than strength, tends to take more ranged combat features, and tends more toward jack-of-all-trade multiclassing rather than the hard-core melee design. Aesthetically, she is of average size for a human female and, while still athletic, more slender. Her hair is long rather than short. She still prefers high-quality dress with a Persian flavor, but favors a demure and feminine style. Her manner is less direct than Malachi’s, but she retains his basic psychological qualities. She is still a persuasive apologist and diplomat, as well as, again, a ready killer. Physically, she could be JM’s sister, though due to her Charisma score, I prefer to think of her as “that hot chick-character that your character would totally do” or “poster girl for the Mary Sue cosmetic line.”


Malachi has known various incarnations in various games over the years. Presently, Miriam exists as a level 1 Rogue awaiting play in the campaign “Clockwork.” No fluff is presently available for this iteration of the character beyond that she begins as a vagrant rogue, possibly associated by friendship with another player character, who will also begin as a rogue and then proceed to multi-class.

Heroic destiny:

Per the rules of the Clockwork campaign, her heroic destiny is presented as a possible Crowning Moment. The player envisions her, after eleven or twelve levels of philosophical struggle and good old-fashioned hack-and-slash, and having achieved the Paladin class four or five levels previously, engaged with the party in some action which culminates in the detonation of some sort of nexus of spiritual power (such as a demon going critical). Miriam (heroically) throws her companions clear of the effect and then turns just in time takes the full brunt of it head-on. The blast knocks her clean out the tower window backwards, whence she emerges into the sunlight amidst a shower of glittering glass shards, and is now found to be endowed with wings of white and black. Like an angel from the heavens she falls with the remnants of the shattered window and goes crash into the ground below, thereby saving her comrades, acquiring the Half-Celestial template, and dying, all in a single action. Pretty awesome, I think.

John Malachi Argeat Moriakul

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