Vargas Valeth Wellington

An enterprising conjurer, and inquisitive scholar of all things arcane and mundane.


Vargas is a 26 year old human wizard. He is 5’10" and aside from his intellect his physique is notably unexceptional. Contrariwise his personae is punctuated with strong confidence, and gentle charm. He has brown eyes, and brown hair. His wardrobe favors strong blues, or green mixed with brown. It’s difficult to find him with without his finely crafted wire rimmed glasses, or the open fingertip masterwork gauntlet on his left hand.

The Majesty of Blue

The Power of Confidence

Never Piss off the Mage

The Elements


Vargas was born, and trained in Hagelberg which is a humble zaun in the Kingdom of Herzland. He is presently a kingsmage, a wizard on tithe from his school in the temporary service of the King. As a proud representative of his school, the White Ravens, he aspires perform his very best in the service of his countrymen. His father, mother, and three siblings could not be more proud of him. Descendant from a long line of skilled guildsmen, he possesses a strong appreciation for craftsmanship and labor.

Heroic Destiny:

The spellbook of a wizard is their most prized possession. Some are plain, and others are ornate. But each invariably contains proof of their author’s aspirations and their will to power. Upon Vargas’ spellbook the following words are inscribed in draconic script, “Truth is.” Though its pursuit may be painstaking, and its acquisition may fleeting, the Truth stands eternal. The Truth and the cosmos are one in the same. It is Vargas’ heroic destiny to attain an understanding of the planes, the cosmos, and ultimately the Truth.

Vargas Valeth Wellington

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