a +1 Merciful Greatsword

weapon (melee)

A massive, five-foot steel blade, chased with gold and mithril. The pommelweight is a large, multifaceted hunk of rock crystal. The enhancement runes are all in Celestial script.

Damage: 3d6 (nonlethal)/ 2d6 (lethal), Slashing
Enhancement Bonus: +1
Crit: 19-20/x2

Merciful Enchantment: Deal an additional 1d6 damage, all damage is non-lethal. This can be suppressed (and the weapon deals its normal lethal damage) with a command. The Celestial words “Chirbit” (Forgiveness) and “Piamol” (Righteousness) toggle between the states.

Additional: The sword emits a flash of white light when striking an evil creature. If used to slay a non-evil, living creature, the wielder’s eyes glow red for 24 hours. This does not affect vision, but can provide a situational charisma mod.


Found in a forgotten tomb, guarded by a mimic, very little is known about the celestial greatsword Obelisong. The combined research of the wizard Vargas and the scholar Cassandra of Barthalis have only managed to uncover the weapon’s original name, its power to grant life or death, and the effects of its misuse.

The blade is currently carried by the half-elven warrior Serribon, who calls it Maktia Andu “The Light of Deliverance”.


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