Contumelia Fulmine - Os Thornis

An enchanted dragonbone halberd

weapon (melee)

A +3 halberd, about six and a half feet long. The blade and butt-spike are crafted from the magically-enhanced scapula and frill spines of a green dragon, bound in mithril. The haft is made of enchanted livewood, harvested by a trio of dryad sisters and organically bound to the blade and counterweight.

Damage: 1d10, Slash/Pierce
Enhancement Bonus: + 3
Crit: 20/x3
Evil Outsider Bane: + 2 to-hit and and add’l 2d6 + 2 damage vs. Outsiders with the Evil subtype
Livewood: Steeped in natural magic, the haft of this weapon provides several bonuses to those trained as Rangers. While wielded, Os Thornis grants a +5 untyped bonus to finding and following tracks. And for every 5 Ranger levels the wielder possesses, the butt-end of the weapon gains a virtual +1 enchantment bonus, if used as a double weapon.

Artifact: In the hands of certain individuals, the halberd grants the ability to sense and open weaknesses in dimensional boundaries as well as allowing the user to find and follow trails that would otherwise be impossible (footprints at the bottom of a running stream, the passage of intangible creatures through solid objects, etc).


Following the death of the green dragon Thorn, a group of adventurers found itself in possession of a very valuable biological specimen. Vargas Wellington, King’s Wizard of the White Ravens school, wished to claim most of it – planning on presenting the taxidermied remains to the King of Herzland. But unknown to the king and those who gather to gawk at this storied beast, the mounting is incomplete: parts of the dragon’s skeleton were kept aside for other purposes.

The femur of his right front leg was carved into a stylish, if weighty, walking stick, carried by the wizard Vargas and became almost as much a symbol of the famed magician as his trademark hat.

The dragon’s shoulder blade and frill-spines were shaped, bound and enhanced to form a trophy weapon for the half-elf warrior Serribon, who had roped and followed the dragon down into its watery lair.

When the halberd’s original haft was shattered by an angry Night Walker on the Plane of Shadow, the ranger used his wild magics to merge the remains with a livewood staff he had been gifted by a trio of dryads to create the true weapon of legend. And in remembrance of it’s poor treatment at the hands of the fiend, the blade itself swore eternal vengeance on the spirits of darkness.

The mighty halberd of the Caiman initially went without a proper name. Though it was a very finely-crafted weapon, Os Thornis (The Bones of Thorn) was brand new and had yet to truly earn one. But as the months and years passed, and it carved a path of blood and ruin through numerous trolls, goblins, orcs and even more fantastic beasts, a name began to suggest itself.

In his mother’s tongue, the blade is known as Bhrisa Raudra “The Storm of Wrath”. The most accurate translation into the common Andropolitan would be Contumelia Fulmine “physical violence with overwhelming, crushing force (as of a thunderbolt)”. But in the shadows of the world, the imps and devils whisper a name translated literally from the tongue of the Anjaj: “Power Violence”

Contumelia Fulmine - Os Thornis

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