In which we derail the session through indecision


Cassandra, Hisham, Serribon, and Ibram are re-deposited in the hut where the party was sequestered on their last visit to the Isle of Paloon. Hisham makes a futile attempt to gather information on their present predicament while the others chat idly. ON his return, the group decides to make a break for it before someone shows up the break them and set off into the jungle, heading for the coast. On the way, they spot a suspicious group leading a bound prisoner into a village on the beach and then scurrying back.

Growing tired of all the creeping about to no apparent end, Serribon takes the initiative and goes into town to find an all-night plot hookery. They enter a sailor’s roost, where Ibram gets them involved in local politics by taking charge of the mysterious Exile. Plot-token in hand, they head upstairs to discover a frightened old man. He relates his sad tale and our heroes agree to help him rescue his sister from certain death the next morning. They spend the rest of the evening trying to decide how to actually go about that.

In which we learn when to stay and when to go...


The group (sans Serribon) is deposited in a lonely forest somewhere in the far north. They follow a well-marked hunter’s trail to a shelter where they spend a relatively peaceful night. The next morning finds them back on the road heading towards the next waystation.

The following few days grow increasingly less friendly as the party uncovers increasingly clearer signs that all is not well here in the Whitebough Forest. The end of the trail brings them to a recently-abandoned hunting lodge and an encounter with a legendary horror of the north woods. From then on, it’s a waiting game to see whether they make it to the whump out or someone goes crazy and kills everyone with an axe.

Welcome to Boatmurdered. Go home.


Vargas, Cassandra, Hisham, and Serribon are transported to the legendary dwarven hellhole known as Boatmurdered. There, they help break a sorting golem, experience some weird future-memories, and kill a rampaging cave elephant. Eventually, they hook up with a patrol and go searching for Ibram, whom evidence suggests has been behind many of the misfortunes they’ve encountered so far. After witnessing a few more local horrors, they eventually find him in the forges – where he’d been all afternoon.

Then, of course, our mysterious malefactor pulls the lever unleashing WEAPON.

In which we dream of gardens in the desert sand...


Most of our merry band is teleported into the sand-choked ruins of Te’Rav, former home of the Mage-King of Hal’Rasha. While seeking shelter from a mild sandstorm, they are briefly flickered back sometime before the fall, much to the consternation of some local fabric merchants.

A second whump takes them to the city walls during a pivotal battle against the rampaging barbarian hordes. Fate reunites them with Ibram and, together, they witness the complete obliteration of the mage-king Balmota by an unknown spell sniper and the the beginning of that great city’s downfall. Another whump catches them moments before a flung boulder destroys the ramparts where they stood.

The third trip places the group at the top of a scrubland canyon, where they are joined by Hisham, and, together, they climb down to investigate a wrecked caravan on the canyon floor. Hisham is attacked by a Yuan-ti magician, who proceeds to drag him off to parts unknown while the rest of the group face off against another party of adventurers who had been waiting in ambush. Our heroes quickly prove victorious after Serribon cleaves their leader in half with a single blow.

Once we clear up that confusion, the other party invites the group to share camp and stories of their adventures. While the gang spends some needed down-time, Miriam once again wanders off and directly into trouble. Fortunately, Cassandra tagged-along to get in some girl-talk, and saved her from being eaten by feral halflings.

Alerted to this new danger, the two parties prepare to fend off a raid – just in time to be caught by a whump that deposits outside of Te’Rav once again. As the city is still standing, they go inside to secure lodgings until the whump home.

In which we learn that death is not the end...


The party is hurled bodily across time and space, back to the unnamed kingdom they visited in session #35. They all mostly manage to survive impact, but are dismayed to discover they have been split into pairs and scattered about Lady Halam’s keep.

Each group wanders about the keep, largely aimlessly, gathering what information they can while they search for their companions. Hisham and Cassandra find the lady’s attendant dying in a side corridor and gain a cryptic warning. Ibram and Miriam pull themselves together and make their way to Lady Halam’s bedchamber, where they find her body and a strange mash-note addressed to Ibram. Vargas and Serribon enter the castle hospice and experience the consequences of the wight-blight first-hand.

Leaving that noise behind, the mage and the barbarian fight their way up through the castle and to an eventual rendezvous with Hisham and Cassandra. The groups compare notes and decide to make their way up and outside, hoping to find their missing companions along the way. Meanwhile, Ibram and Miriam – on their way to smash some orcs that Ibram spotted with his spyglass – run into a horde of plague victims and are quickly overwhelmed. Fortunately, the others show up and help them break free. Together, our adventurers make it to the castle walls, down to the doomed city, and away into the wilderness – alive, but not quite sure what it is that they’ve just survived.

Long Version

In which Serribon furthers his distrust of stone-carving...


Having been given a new assignment to universalize his fey-hunting technique, Serribon sets off on horseback to the Orklands in the south. His departure takes him through the soothing quiet of the pre-dawn city to the decidedly less-soothing silence of the fog-shrouded Andropolitan necropolis.

In which we learn not to turn our backs on statuary


The group, sans Vargas, are transported to yet another rocky promontory overlooking the sea. After much discussion, they decide they may have returned to the Isle of Pawloon/Paloon and set out to climb the central mountain in order to gain a better vantage point on the island.

The trip into the jungle results in little more than a chance for Serribon to introduce the others to monkeys and bananas. Following an utterly uneventful night and another half-day’s journey, they reach their destination and discover a mysterious gateway carved into the mountainside. Cassandra uses her linguistics skills to get a particularly ominous translation of the inscribed hieroglyphs. Naturally, the party goes right on in.

This, as usual, proves to be a mistake.

In which Ibram gets his head stuck in a honeypot


Ibram comes home from yet another night of drunken revelry to find a familiar woman hiding in his bedchamber. After he sleeps it off, Tamer gives him yet another sob-story about how she’s being exploited by bad men and our white knight offers to go settle her debts, one way or the other. Which he does. One way or the other.

In which Vargas searches in vain for someone he can trust...


Vargas has a dinner date with a man and an office meeting with a woman, and neither work out quite the way he’d like.

In which we score two for Team Civilization


Once more finding themselves on the Herzland coast, our heroes meet a half-blind old man who claimed to have lost his special fishing rod. Feeling bad for the old codger, and, really, lacking anything better to do, they agree to help look for it while He and Hisham partake of the half-orc’s “medicine.” Alas, no tackle is forthcoming, though Miriam does discover a crab making off with what turns out to be a human eyeball. This, naturally, spoils the whole afternoon and the party decides to clear off.

Instead of heading to town (like sensible people), they go to investigate the series of caves dotting the seaside cliffs (like advanturers). Before they get much farther than spotting a scattering of human remains strewn about cliff-side, a big green something drops down and attacks. In the short battle that follows, Serri is nearly pushed off the ledge to his doom – though the gang otherwise runs roughshod over the irate green hag. Once it is dispatched, they loot its cave and bring mementos and closure to the nearby village.

Several days later, the party appears on a beautiful spring day in the hills west of the Andropolitan plateau. This idyllic scene doesn’t last long as trends bear out and Miriam discovers yet another horribly mutiliated body. An investigation of the body and environs doesn’t reveal much other than signs of an animal attack. From their high vantage point, the gang spots a commotion in the valley below, but Cassandra is the only one who notices the manticore fleeing the scene. Naturally, they go to investigate.

A short tramp through the woods brings them to Argot, the lone survivor of a band of mercenaries who had been hired to hunt down and wipe out the manticores lairing nearby. Explaining his mission, he badgers the party into helping him get this last beast before it has a chance to recover from their battle. He leads them through the valley to the beasts’ lair where they devise a plan to draw it out and finish the job. The plan goes off without a hitch, and the monster is dispatched in short order. Argot congratulates them on a job well-done and grants free access to the manticores’ lair and whatever loot they acquired through their predations.


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