The World

As the game has yet to begin, the world is currently largely unknown to the cast of players (and also to the Game Master, for reasons to be revealed in time). As areas are revealed, entries will be added here to form a virtual map, much in the style of old-fashioned text-based adventures. This map will end up have two simultaneous modes of organization. It will eventually be hierarchical as players begin to learn the geographical and geopolitical layout of their world, determining which nations occupy which continents, which cities belong to which nations, etc. More immediately, though, its organization will be lateral at the lowest level, linking locations by their physical adjacency as the characters literally travel the world.

Recent Discoveries:

Miriam’s hometown, Ico

Serribon’s hometown, Sarai Muziris

Vargas’s hometown, Hagelburg

Ibram’s hometown, Koln


Hisham’s starting place, Bersubis

Cassandra’s hometown, Bathalis

A desert…

An icy wasteland…

A swamp…

World Map:

  • Geographical:
  • Classical Era
    • Plains
      • Andropolitan Empire
    • Borderlands
    • Western lands
      • Queen’s Lake
      • The Greenfen Swamp
      • The Vassal (Periyar) River
      • Kerangas Rainforest
        • The Anjaj territory
    • Unknown
      • Isle of Paloon
  • Dark Ages
    • The Desert… (formerly Plains)
      • ruins of Andropolis
    • Kesh River Valley
      • Bersubis
    • The Hal’rasha Principalities
    • Badlands
      • Karag’s Rock
    • Unknown Island & Bay of Graves
  • Medieval Era
    • icy waste
    • goblin forests
    • Herzland territory
      • Herzland kingdom
    • Romance Language-land
  • Political:
  • Tytania (kingdom)
  • Romance Language-land (kingdom)
    • Tybre (city)
    • Minfar (village)
  • Andropolis (human empire)
    • Andropolis (capital city)
    • Ico (small city)
    • Queensport (trade center)
  • The dark-age Elven empire
    • Bathalis (city)
  • City-states of the River Kesh (allied states)
  • The Hal’Rasha Principalities (kingdom)
    • Hal’Rada’Quera (City of the Dead)
    • Te’Rav (trade city)
  • The World

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