In which Serribon gets weird with it...


Feeling aimless as usual, Serribon is spending his downtime chatting with the other scouts, picking their brains for more concrete leads in his fey hunt. As usual, no one knows anything, and can only suggest he ask someone else – in this case, the orc he captured the previous afternoon. With no better leads to follow, he heads into the camp, looking for the interrogators to request they add his questions to those being put to the prisoner.

The officer in charge, for whatever reasons, declines, but gives Serri free reign to question the orc himself, despite his complete lack of training or experience. Still, our half-elf gives it his best shot. When insults and being generally annoying seem to be getting him nowhere, Serribon begins to fear that he has painted himself into a corner.

Then, in a flash of inspiration, he decides to play to the orcs’ perception of elves as decadent, depraved psychopaths. With a mixture of veiled threats of S&M shenanigans, half-promises of freedom, and seemingly pointless questions, he manages to break the prisoner’s brain and gets the information he was after – as well as providing the formal interrogators a new lever to apply in their own questioning.

And all it cost him was a little bit of personal dignity and whatever goodwill he managed to accumulate by almost single-handedly capturing the orc in the first place.



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