In which we hold the gap...


The WHUMP deposits the group, sans Ibram, in the middle of a bath house – somehow utterly failing to surprise the templar Zigfried, who was taking a leisurely soak in one of the tubs. Introductions are exchanged, though the reliquarian drops several hints that this is not the first time he has met the our adventurers. He goes on to explain that he believes them to be a gift from Gott – sent to help the surviving Herzlanders to retake the city of Mordheim from the orc hordes. The templar’s plan, as outlined, would have the party sneak through the city, avoiding the roaming orcs, as they make their way towards the College of Toads. There, they are to hold the line until a special detachment of warriors can arrive to break the back of the occupation before they can overrun the college.

The party does an admirable job of skulking through the city, until they get separated at the barricades blocking off their access to the rally point. Fortunately, they manage to plow through the roadblocks via the judicious application of fire and steel and make their way up the hill to signal the troops. There, they delay the onrushing orcs long enough for the stormtroopers to arrive and blast the greenskins to giblets with their massed gonne-fire. While the main force advances, the group holds the summit against a raging warchief and his minions who somehow managed to push their way through everything the heroes of Mordheim have managed to throw at them.

With grit and determination, the party makes short work of these stragglers and finally advance to join the final assault. Finding the stormtroopers pinned down by the orcs siege engines, the group splits up to take out the greenskin ballista crews with blade and medieval tube-charge, allowing the soldiers to slaughter the orc warboss and win the day. In the aftermath, Vargas is reunited with his colleague Dean Cobbleblock, closing a couple of time loops while throwing a few more open. And there they remain until the WHUMP sees fit to send everyone home.

(Extended Version)



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