In which Serribon delves shallowly and with reasonable expectations...


After a brief interlude where he gets another chance to completely alienate his Andropol allies, Serribon sets off to find the wild valley described to him by the orc he captured the day before.

He descends into the gorge early on the morning after his arrival and spends the first hours of the day exploring and taking in the natural wonders of the primeval forests. His wanderings eventually bring him to a small cave leading into the far valley wall and, after some initial indecision, he decides to crawl in and investigate. He journeys deep underground in pursuit of the skittish little humanoid he finds residing in the tunnels. He eventually corners the mysterious whatsit in a natural cistern, but mercy stays his hand – which turns out to be a mistake.

The creature escapes and as Serri makes his return journey to the surface, the furious Mite sics a swarm of luminescent cave spiders on him. The little glowing bastards get absolutely everywhere and proceed to bite the half-elf mercilessly as he snake-crawls to freedom and only his magically-boosted constitution prevents their neurotoxins from leaving him a twisted wreck, left to die alone in the dark, dozens of feet beneath the earth. He powers through the pain and eventually emerges into the sunlight where he can divest himself of his ungrateful passengers. But before he can gather much more than his gear and his wits, the haunting piping of a satyr drives him out of the valley.

When the waking nightmares of his impending madness make any sort of recovery impossible, the hunter decides to call this expedition a wash and heads cross-country to rejoin his allies in the Andropolitan column.



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