In which Miriam can't think of anything to do...


With her year of indentured servitude at an end, Miriam finds herself utterly bereft of purpose and with no convenient target for the rage and misery she has been internalizing for so long. When her brief experiments with taking life and property from others prove unsatisfying, she steals a rather nice dagger and makes a big show of plunging it into her own heart.

To her complete disappointment, she finds herself to be quite whole and alive several hours later, being gently chided by a monk for being such a drama queen. He offers her the choice of a place within the monastery or the option to find her own in the world outside and leaves her to sulk in the courtyard. Miri-quite-contrary chooses the door.

Outside, she meets yet another folksy character who also pretty much tells her to stop complaining about how pointless and unfair life is and go find her own meaning if she’s got to have one. He shows her a bag containing her missing wargear and tells her he was bringing it back to the monks after having a wizard look over the odd necromantic object that was bundled in with it. Believing the whole thing to be part of some elaborate put-on, she takes her stuff from the guy and returns to the monastery to have words with the monk she spoke with earlier. When he proves unavailable on this plane, and the meditation master refuses to validate her histrionics, she settles down into a corner to wait for dinner and whatever else the day will bring.



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