In which proposals are proposed...


Following her assault on the Green Dragon’s tower, Vargas arranges a rendezvous with her allies at the Kriegstorm Monastery. There, she reveals her predicament and asks her colleagues for assistance.

Cobbleblock is stymied, but suggests Vargas set up shop somewhere outside of Mordheim to avoid the Dragons while he returns to the college to think over the things Vargas has told him. Breanna proves to be a bit more of a problem. As, essentially, an employee of the missing state wizard, she will be under greater scrutiny by the Dragons’ agents, and not being a combat wizard, would be virtually helpless against them. But simply sending her home would place her under the thumb of her parents, which would be nearly as bad. But with a flash of insight, Vargas decides to gift Bre with her translation ring with instructions to present it as a betrothal token, pending the wizard’s eventual return in his true form.



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