In which we engage in Pulp-style shenanigans...


Following a thrilling rolling archery battle across the desert, the party meets K’rrrss, a lizardfolk adventurer working with a group of whumpers from the Classical era. Agreeing to fill in for her missing companions, the group journeys onward to the Ravenous Sphinx – one of the rare megalithic structures left behind by the lost civilization of Taul. Inside, they encounter the soul-echo of a Tauli priest who grants them permission to seek the Third Riddle of Nethys – presuming they can pass three trials of wit and martial skill. Nobody has any idea what he’s talking about, but it sounds cool, so they agree to give it a shot.

Though planning, luck, and strength of arms, they defeat the Living Library of the Diviner, scoring part of the Third Riddle and an armful of unreadable antique scrolls. The whump snaps them home before they can challenge the remaining trials or meet their fellow-travelers.



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