In which we see it coming and still fall for it...


Our intrepid party is whisked away once more to the ancient elven kingdom where the Cult of the Burning One holds sway. They are greeted by a boy with a message from a future Vargas who warns them to beware allies who might not be what they seem. Some time later they find themselves being followed by a little elven girl, Sara. She leads them to the underground resistance movement where a paladin boldly plans to lead an ill-conceived assault upon an evil necromancer’s lair to save his wife, and many innocent children from being transformed into wraiths. Despite their best efforts to mount an early night time raid, the group is forced to join the main assault which goes horribly awry. Many perish in a ritual used to summon an evil djinn. In spite of all these set backs the heroes are victorious by the skin of their teeth. The necromancer is slain. The traitor is exposed. And many innocents are saved from ritual sacrifice.



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