In which we secure breakfast...


After finally wrapping-up their business at St. Malcus’s, the gang decides to do a bit of sight-seeing – dropping in on the crystal fortress and the salt cathedral carved out of the mountain beneath it. Deciding that now not be the time to go delving into a death-trap, they return to the monastery and set out on the next leg of their journey south.

Several days in, while Vargas recovers from an inconvenient case of food poisoning, the others scout a bit inland, where they discover a small pack of worgs and the singing hobgoblin cooking them breakfast. It’s Miriam’s turn to alert the enemy by stepping on a twig, which she manages in short order, and the battle is joined. Things look a little hairy when the hobbo proves to be a professional singer and the worgs took time studying up to be savages, but the gang comes through in the end.

As the curtain draws, Serribon spots a village through a clearing in the trees. The plot thickens.



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