In which we replace the gardener...


The next morning, following the shift change, Vargas, Miriam, and Ibram strike out to investigate the tower perched atop Skull Hill. They are pleased to discover that, overnight, their goblin horde was remarkably well-behaved and didn’t burn down the town entire and even managed to stop a few stray undead that had avoided their attentions the previous afternoon.

At the foot of the tower, they find the gates standing wide open. Sensing danger, they decide to start their sweep from the roof and work their way down before investigating the meteor crater that took out most of the tower’s southwestern corner. Inside, they find a lot of dead bodies (even making one of their own), a couple of scant clues, and learn a new way to cool down hot soup.

After clearing the the tower, they head back outside and descend into the depths of the hill. There, they find that the seed from the stars has borne fruit and the cavern now serves at a greenhouse for a trio of enormous man-eating plants. The battle is joined after Vargas gets a bit too close with his magic lantern, but the moonflowers soon learn that that wasn’t the flame they should have been worried about.



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