Ico is a small walled city that lies more than a hundred miles north and west of the great imperial capital, where the vast plains begin to rise and give way to rugged highlands. The town occupies the banks of a small river which flows down from the hills and begins to curve and snake across the plains. A trade road follows the river in both directions, northwest and southeast. Supposedly this road joins others to the southeast which lead eventually to the capital. To the northwest, it is understood to lead eventually to elven lands beyond the hills. The prevalence of elves in the city lends credence to this, though Miriam knows little of such matters and has never personally known an elf.

The walls of the town, and most of the town itself, are constructed from mud bricks and the timber which grows upstream. They shelter perhaps ten thousand of the empire’s citizens, though the town had been experiencing some growth when Miriam left. As a seat of government for this region of the empire and a waystop along a trade road, it has all the ingredients for economic growth.

Miriam’s experience with the town was limited to its lowest economic tier, which is dominated by seedy, ramshackle housing, dirty streets and marketplaces, and only a distant view of the more upscale districts and the governor’s palace. She is also familiar with the city’s two temples, one to Pelor and the other to elven god Ehlonna, both of which offer alms and other support to the homeless. The cult of Wee Jas also has a presence in the city, maintaining the crypt and tombs along the road outside the city walls.

At the time Miriam departed the city, this was the extent of her knowledge about it.

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